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Dear Camp SOAR families,

We can't even believe how quickly the past six weeks have flown by!

I know we say it every year but this literally was the best summer we have had yet at SOAR! It was truly amazing to watch the kids flourish, to see the friendships develop, and the independence grow. This was a really great group of campers and our staff, like always, continue to be top notch! We started six weeks eager to begin having many new campers to get to know. We quickly became familiar with the newbies of our CS families. We as a staff were ready for all the hiccups. That really never happened... it was relatively smooth sailing. Each week went faster and faster, our days were quick and filled to the rim with activity. Our campers came each day happy and ready for smiles and fun. We spent each and every day ready to work, play, and have a great time! We beat the heat this past week and got through some really hot mornings! We rode out several storms and only needed 1 day (not by choice) to cancel. We enjoyed getting to know the new campers and continued to grow our relationships with the returning campers. Our CS family continued to be respectful of each other and open to new possibilities. We as a camp have grown in so many ways over the last 5 years and we look forward to each and every year where we take it to the next level and step up our goals for the program.

It was really hard to walk away today, with many of us feeling like we were not ready for it to end! Year 5 was super special. We really tried to take it all in, experience the fun together as a staff with our kiddos.  We developed some really strong teams, and that was clear by the love the kids showed to them day in and day out. 

It's going to be really hard to top this year... but I know we will! Thank you parents for giving us your children again for six weeks, for allowing us to love them, entertain them, care for them and help them learn and grow! Thank you to our campers who were on their best behaviors each and every day following rules, getting into the groove of our structure, raising up to our expectations, and knowing just how to be a great SOAR camper. We are so proud of you!!! So many thanks to our staff for being ready to roll each and every day, for loving up our kids, keeping them safe, and assisting our program to thrive! Each and every one of you plays a crucial role in making our program successful, and building a strong SOAR family! 

Looking back, I am filled with so many laughs, fond memories, special bonds, sweet stories, joy and sweet anticipation for CS 2024... we can't wait to do it all over again!

Wishing all of our camp families a great end to the summer, and a wonderful start to the new school year! Keep SOARing!!!

Thanks for the memories!

Amy, Jim, and the SOAR Staff

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