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Our Philosophy

Camp SOAR opened its doors at the Nazareth Borough Park in the Summer of 2019. We wanted to develop a summer activity program like the one we were raised with. In order to do so, we needed to bring our program back to nature. Technology-free and fun to be had for all who join us. Each of the 6 weeks is a different theme. Each day is a new adventure. SOAR stands for STEAM, OUTDOORS, ARTS, and RECREATION. In a day, each child will participate in an art activity, an educational activity, and a gross motor movement activity geared toward the theme of the week. 

We are staffed with educators, future educators, and teenage volunteers working for community service hours. We have an amazing team of fun, energetic, caring, respectful, and responsible people. We invite all children ages 5-12, grades Kindergarten through 6th to join us. 

We are a non-profit camp, and use the cost paid for tuition by families to help fund the program and the staff. We work in conjunction with Nazzy Moms Unite to organize ways to support the students, campers, and families within our own Nazareth community.


In the past 3 years, we were able to pay for the Clipper Organization to refurbish their field house. We have been able to set up scholarships for two graduating NAHS Seniors. We have supplied families with camp tuition, helping families who have suffered losses with mortgage payments, grocery bills, and Thanksgiving meals. We have given to local sports, sponsor local programs and churches, and with our new addition of stay-and-play programs, we are now donating to six different booster clubs across the Nazareth School District. Our goal is to give back in as many ways as possible to our community of Nazareth.

Through your tuition, we are able to provide employment to local high school students, college students and teachers opportunities in our community. Over the last four years, we have been able to provide over $100,000 in employment. 


To date, we have been able to provide over $48,000 in assistance to local needs. Last year in 2022, we gave $4000 in scholarships, $5000 to High School Sports Teams, and $1000 in miscellaneous giving throughout the community. 

Our Staff
& Directors

Camp Directors

Amy Pidgeon 

Jim Pilla 

Camp Nurse

Erin Banghart


Mary Hahn
Gianna Marchese
Rose Las
Kristen Stoudt


Jordain Piazza
Austin Hahn
Ben Santiago
Jack Dugdale


Camille Clark

Karen Landes

Robin Cumberland


Treasurer / Bookkeeper

Karen Landes 


Margherita Gallina - Lead 

Kierstyn Suhr

Andrew Zachmeyer

Megan Dougherty

Ava Bonaparte

First Grade

Hannah Kassim - Lead 

Kaylyn Guerrier 

Sierra Kurikos

Frank Lasso
Aiden Lipsky

Second Grade

Abby Marchese - Lead 

Colin Kaniper

Mila Wasilewski

Third Grade

Sarah Osmun - Lead 

Jaxon Pidgeon

Jason Perillo
Ellie Subrowski

Fourth Grade

Megan Nagy - Lead 

Harleen Grewal

Fifth Grade

Emily Witmer - Lead 

Xavier Clark

Summer Baker

Sixth Grade

Giuseppe Silimperi - Lead 

Kolby Landes

Cody Witmer
Symone Clark

Park Info

475 North Broad Street @ Nazareth Borough Park

Drop-off & Pick-up


Drop-off is between 8:50 – 9:00 AM each morning. Please pull up at the assigned bridge or pavilion. If there are siblings, go to the youngest siblings' drop-off! No parents have to get out of their cars and pick-up will be the same. The kids will be ready at noon and will stand waiting for your vehicle.


Kindergarten + First Graders: Drop-off for K/1 is by the concession stand of the pool by the first bridge.

Second + Third Graders: Drop-off for 2/3 is by the third bridge by the back pavilion

Fourth + Fifth + Sixth Graders: Drop off 4/5/6 will be on Morris Street (the street behind the park. Turn on Hill Street across from Schoeneck Moravian, right on Morris Street, pulling up by the bridge to drop off). 

Pick-up - Camp ends at 12:00 p.m. Pick-up is the same way. Parents and caregivers drive up and we put them in the car and the family pulls away. 

Stay-and-Plays: Pickup at 3:00 p.m.

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