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Important Announcements & Reminders

6/29 - Today was a great day at the pool. We did have several campers who were unable to pass the swim test. They will get an opportunity to do that again each Friday. The swim test is given to our new campers and those who want to try again. Many of the swimmers realized on their own that they were not ready to be in the deep end and happily hung out and played in the shallow again. The deep end is only for grades three and up and they have to pass a swim test, which includes one minute of treading and 100 feet swim. We were able to get clarification today from our guards that the kids are allowed to wear puddle jumpers. They are allowed to have nose goggles and regular goggles. They just cannot have anything scuba like.

6/29 - W1D5- wow, how did that happen so fast? Week 1 in the books for CS24! What a wonderful week of fun and smiles as we went all around the world! We finished strong today with a dance party and our time in at the pool! We couldn't of asked for a better first week! Thank you to Joy's Poolside eatery for the delicious super pops a great way to cool us off on this hot day!

6/29 - All campers will need a white t-shirt next week for tie-dying.

6/29 - If your child cannot swim and is in grade 2, and under, they are not allowed to use Floaties( as per the Nazareth for pool), however can wear a life vest. However, they are only allowed in the shallow part. We do not let anyone under second grade go in the deep end.

6/29 - FYI - when a campers gets a bump or bruise or bee sting at camp soar, it has not been our policy( we follow school nurse guidelines)to phone home and let you as a parent know. We generally have the lead tell the parent or whomever is picking up at dismissal to make you aware of the occurrence. Erin our nurse does not reach out unless it is medically necessary or her professional opinion warrants a call or the child requests to call home. We keep a log of all nurse visits. If you would like to be handled differently please send me a message and let me know and we will mark your registration/medical form. Thanks in advance. The health and safety of your child is our number 1 priority, and your trust and comfort is extremely important. Please just let us know!

6/26 - Parents - it's particularly important for you to read the Facebook post about pick up and drop off and other daily communication. Today ran a bit smoother however we still have many cars without signs in their passenger side corner (this helps get the children to you quicker and eliminates the long lines). Also it is so important that no one is stopping to get out of the cars! It is a safety issue - please campers need to enter on the passenger side of the car, and staff will help them in the vehicle. If you need to put your child in the car, then we ask that you park in a spot and walk in the crosswalks over to the pick up location. We are trying to eliminate people walking in traffic. Thanks in advance. 

6/25 - On Thursday grades six and seven will be heading out into the community for a field trip. This is going to be done weekly between community service projects and just some off campus fun! 

This is not mandatory and your child does not have to participate. They can gladly stay back on campus and follow the schedule that they normally have with that being said six grade is heading out to Bella bean to grab a morning treat, and the seventh grade team will be heading to Nazo nut for breakfast. It is your discretion how much money you want to send with your child, however I don't think any more than five dollars is necessary. Once again, your child does not have to go along and can stay back on campus. Next week, those same grades will be doing a community service project at the local nursing home where they will drop off what they create. TIA! Any questions feel free to reach out.

6/24 - About our after care stay and swim- It is for campers who can swim. They will be tested before they are allowed in the deep end. They need to be self sufficient in the bathroom( dressing). A lunch can be bought at Joys poolside eatery or packed. The cost is $25 a day and the cost of admittance ($8.00 or your pool pass) They will head over at noon, grab lunch, then have until 3 to swim and hang. At that time they will walk back to our "homebase pavilion" for pick up at the back of the park. It is up to 20 campers daily. Sign up genius style. If bad weather occurs after they are in pool area they head to the cabin for an afternoon of crafts and games until pick up! If pool closes before 12, stay and swim is cancelled. (we try not to do that since you have made arrangements for a long day). Any questions please ask! Thanks

6/24 - Everyone but 4th who was present today received their cinch sac bag!!! Their name should be put on if it wasn't already! They will be passed out each Monday to the new campers, and those who miss a Monday will receive them on their return!  Thank you to our generous sponsors!

6/24 - We went over our expectations this morning with all of our campers. We'd like to give you the same expectations so that you know what is allowed and not allowed at CS! 

-We are a no device Camp, there is no need to send a cell phone or any kind of technology along. We're here to be out in nature and have fun with our friends. 

-We do not allow any type of bullying that means no name-calling, no criticism , no hands on. We practice kindness at all times! 

- We treat the park as if it was our own. We are renting it. It is not our space so we keep it as we found it.

- We do not use any foul language, harsh tone or mis behaving- you get three strikes and then you're out. we are not here to babysit. We are here to have a great time when behaviors escalate and get to the point that we can't have a great time, something has to change. 

- We run our program much like the school day at structured with expectations. Our campers have always thrived on that and we have no doubt they will continue. 

-We keep personal space- if someone is in your space, you use your voice to let them know, if that does not work you ask for help (we cannot fix something we don't know about! )

- our counselors are role models. They display role model behavior if you feel like that is not occurring and we need to be able to take a look at that, but we need to be told that it's happening.

-We are completely flexible. We're respectful of you and we asked that you be respectful of us. We pride ourselves on the program that we have developed. It grows each year because we run an excellent program,  we want to keep it that way!

6/24 - Just some housekeeping! 

-Thank you to all the parents who follow the guidelines for drop off and pick up. It gets better each day and today was pretty awesome!  We ask you to please put a sign with your campers name on it in the right corner of your car window. This helps alleviate traffic chaos and allows us to get your camper to you sooner. Please, please please, do not get out of your car, this causes a back up and is unsafe for those who are passing! If you just stay in your car, we will get your child where they need to go. Also, all children need to get in the vehicles on the right side/passenger side of the car. We cannot have kids going out into the street to get behind the driver~ this is not safe for anyone! 

-please pack a snack that is nut free for your child. We do not include snacks every day and they will have a snack time daily.

-if you email, text, or call during the hours that Camp is in session, you will most likely not get a response. Only in case of an emergency will we respond to messages.

6/24 - Reminder- If at all possible please send a "nut free" snack! We do have nut allergies and we try to keep all of our campers safe and healthy!!!

6/24 - If your child needs and assistance during camp from our nurse, please stop by tomorrow and meet Erin, so she can talk directly to you about your child's care. This includes allergies, medicine, health history and or limitations.

6/24 - If for any reason you may need to get a hold of us, please call my cell. We do not check FB, messenger, or emails during camp! We are busy with the kids so please reach out via text or call if you need to get a hold of us between 8:30-12:30. Thanks in advance. Amy 6107620091

6/24 - If you are making payment please put money/ check/ venmo in envelope with child/childrens name, grade and week of payment. This should be done on every new Monday. PLEASE include all of those things in an envelope ( if paying by venmo just drop us a note. It can be given to team at drop off!

6/24 - Last post before the new summer season is upon us- Feels like Christmas Eve! We are ready and excited to begin!  Traffic coming in for drop off and pick up will be a nightmare for the first couple of days- TRUST US it will get better, but with that being said PLEASE follow what is asked of you to help make the transition smoother! 

Please drop off and pick up by grade your child is going into this coming school year

K/1- lower bridge by pool entrance
2/3- back bridge by large pavilion 
4/5/6/7- Morris road, you may go in up at schneck moravian and follow out next to park. 

-Follow signs and people directing traffic
-Youngest gets dropped with oldest( we will have staff to take them where they need to go! )
- Name tags please with name and grade, allergies or no photo
- Put names on sign in R corner window
- DO NOT get out off your cars
- Be ready to drop and go
* we will not take kids any earlier than 8:55 a.m. as we are prepping for our day, and pick up is at 12 pm unless staying for signed up after care then it is at 3p.m.( 2/3 grade bridge). Amy 6107620091

6/23 - Due to the increase in temps, please make sure your camper has sunscreen, a water thermos and if they choose, a cool towel. We generally get it in before it gets too hot but these are must haves! Also, please put your name on all of your things! 

6/19 - Day 1 Reminder: Please have your child wear a name tag and include medical concerns. If they can't be photographed, please add - No Photo!

6/19 - Thank you to our community partners! All the colorful cinch sac bags the campers will have this year sponsored by these generous local businesses! They also help fund our website at

3/11 - Thank you to all the CS families that braved the weather and attended Saturday. It was another incredible turn out! We are working on getting all the information inputted into our system to see where we stand with current registrants. We appreciate all your continued support of CS, and look forward to another amazing summer!

2/1 - We are now taking 2024 sponsors! The cost remains the same $100 per sponsor. Again this  year your business will be displayed on a sign at the Boro park from June through August, along with each camper and staff being a walking bill board! You will have rights to advertise on both Camp Soar and NMU FB and website!  Please consider supporting this wonderful program! Due by Feb 12, 2024! Click here for more information. 

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