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Important Announcements & Reminders

6/7 - Read our Parent Welcome Letter here. 

6/3 - Good Afternoon CS families. ! At this time we will no longer be excepting any changes in schedules or refunds made. We are less than three weeks out and our planning is well in the works. We have tried to be as flexible as we possibly can,  however now it impacts the staffing, the supplies, and everything else that goes into making it a successful summer. If and when we have holes in the schedule that allows for additional sign ups we will open that up week by week. Unfortunately we are at number that we feel comfortable with staff to camper ratios so we cannot guarantee that. ! Thank you for your understanding! We are all wrapping up our final week of school and so next week we get down and dirty with being ready for June 19th. All information will be sent out to you next week so that you are also ready for the start of a great summer! If I have not returned an email or a Facebook message- please reach back out!!! Thank you all in advance!

5/22 - I noticed when organizing our attendance sheets for this coming summer that some of our long-standing campers were not signed up? Wondering if this was because you missed the registration date?  If this is indeed the case can you please send me a private message if your camper was interested in coming, we have always stayed open to those families who have been with us since the start! I am now able to know what our numbers are more clearly and can  start to take off the waiting lists Where holes allow. If you have not heard back from me and sent me a message about camp this summer,  please reach out again as I think that I got everyone but I know that I sometimes miss! 
Thank you,  we are now officially less than a month to start date!

3/12 - Camp registration is now closed. Thank you to everyone that came out to register. We are excited for Camp Soar 2023!

3/8 - This will be the new QR code that we will be using this summer to make electronic payments. We will no longer be using Venmo. We will accept cash, checks, or electronic banking submission.

2/24 - School is soon out for the summer, only 68 days left (but who's counting), which can only mean one thing. Camp SOAR season! We’re sure that many of you reading those three words will instantly have flashbacks to your own summer camp experiences gone by. Some of those memories may include fun activities with friends, fireside cookouts, and taking a refreshing dip in the lake. Summer camp is a rite of passage for many kids, teaching them to interact with new people and tackle new adventures and experiences. Here at Camp SOAR so many amazing camp counselors and staff work tirelessly over the summer to offer experiences that the children in our community children will never forget. 


Here's a quick glance at what our weeks here at Camp SOAR will offer - 

Week #1
June 19- June 23

Around the World in 5 CS days!  

We’re not going around the world in 80 days but in 5 days! We get to explore all the continents and learn about different cultures through crafts and activities! Join us as we explore and learn about the different countries, including some of them that you have never heard of. You will have the chance to meet new travelers, do crafts, play their games, learn about their traditions, and sample their dishes. Grab your passport as we set sail on a CS adventure.

We have come up with fun ways to keep your feet firmly on the ground but still explore the globe. For each day of week #1, we'll pick a different country to theme our events around. In Italy, you could have a pizza. In Mexico, everyone could make a sugar skull. Make a dragon boat while visiting China. The opportunities are endless - but you can guarantee your kids will never be bored!

June 26 - June 30
Mad Scientist / Weird Science

Science Week
Who’s ready for some fun experiments during Mad Science Week? Come join us as we become scientists this week and work with experiments, do stem projects, and create in our own outdoor laboratories. You will have the chance to meet new scientists, do crafts and experiments, play outside, and develop your inner mad scientist! Come join us for a maddening week! 

Week #3
July 3 - July 7  (No Camp on July 4)
Superheros in the USA

Mom…Dad…WHERE IS MY SUPER SUIT and my Red, White, and Blue? Join us, as we become superheroes for this week, we may look just like those we see within our very own community! You will have a chance to meet new superheroes and community heroes, do crafts, activities, play, and soar outside! 

The summer camp is in danger from the devious SOAR-Man! He means to make summer miserable for everyone, sending rain to wash away your summer camp. This calls for a superhero (or 100.....) to the rescue! A superhero theme will engage our kids to use their teamwork skills and work together to save the day. To really get into character, we have a series of challenges and tasks for your kids to solve in order to save the day and keep the sun shining over the boro park!  

Week #4
July 10 - July 14
Olympic Extravaganza

While individuals or groups will earn awards for winning competitions, many more campers may just enjoy the friendly competition. Campers could be awarded random metals for anything – keeping the grounds clean, being an awesome helper, showing the most enthusiasm, and showing courage at the obstacle course. This week will be filled with activities and competitions to see who reigns as the CS Olympian!

There are medals to be won. This week will teach your children the value of hard work, give them the skills to support each other, and most importantly it's a lot of fun! With a whole host of activities to compete in, you can theme the children's experience around a mini-Olympics, with running races, beanbag throwing, and egg-and-spoon races. Remember taking part is most important, and having fun means that everyone is a winner. 

Week # 5
July 17 - July 21
Hawaiian Hullabaloo

Aloha campers! Get your grass skirts ready for a week of sun, fun, and all tropical things! Campers will design their own tiki masks, play island games, and even create their own luau desserts. We will get to build our very own volcanoes and watch them erupt. This is sure to be the ultimate island escape!

Week #6
July 24 - July 28
Camp Soar Has Talent

This super fun activity lets you put on your very own talent show on the final week of camp. Bring your best talent to the show - variety is the spice of life, after all. With the camp counselors playing the judges, they can score each talent. Once they’ve seen everyone, the judges can decide on a set of runners-up, as well as one winner who will receive their very certificate to remember their big win for many summers to come! We will also be hosting a fashion show, an art display, and other ways for our CS campers to showcase their talents.  

1/16 - It's that time again.... 2023 summer sponsorship! Will you be returning as a sponsor or would you like to be added to our wonderful sponsor list? We are doing things a little differently this summer, and shirts will be handed out at the time of registration so that means we need to gather our sponsorships a bit earlier this year! Due by Feb 5, 2023!

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